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I am always looking for new projects to work on. If you have a startup idea that needs some coding, I would love to contribute pro bono. Also if you have any Ruby on Rails question feel free to shoot them my way.



- Being annoyed with the manual process of finding songs on Pandora and downloading them to my computer I automated the process.
- This Chrome extension scraps the currently playing song on Pandora.
- Then searches Youtube to find a track and forces a download to your desktop.



- Allows a Twitter user to see how positive/negative their tweets are.
- Using Meteor.js the request is submitted and the data is pushed to the browsers as tweets are returned from the sentiment API.
- Allows users to force refresh their data if they want their latest tweets evaluated.



- Ruby On Rails app that pulls from Soundcloud's API to bring listeners hand curated music.
- Currently working on V2 utilizing Meteor.js and hopefully a native iOS app.
- Gained over 1,500 users that played over 250,000 tracks
- Built over the weekend with Brian Lovin

Shift suppliers

Shift Suppliers LLC

- Built a web scraper that automated scraping of 23,000 products and their info.
- This scraper then pushed the products up to shopify and maintained their stock automatically.
- Dealt with customers and streamlined the shipping component of the business.
- Setup an LLC legal entity with business liability insurance.


Tinder Across America

- Utilizing Tinder's API I automated a way to mass like on Tinder.
- I was able to like on average 25 members/second.
- The cities were geocoded into coordinates through Googles API
- Using sidekiq background jobs, I was able to schedule out likes per city to seem more realistic on Tinder's side.